Bee Original Woodshop- Squirrel Picnic Bench Feeder, Reclaimed Wood

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A must for every local garden, this miniature picnic bench offers our beloved red squirrels the chance to dine in style.

The young (and the young-at heart!) will love to watch these little tables in use. Each table has been laser engraved with a warning message to ward off unwelcome greys.

As with everything from Bee Original Woodshop, these are made entirely from reclaimed wood which was originally destined for landfill, and so the colour and size may vary slightly from the image. 


Husband-and-wife team, Mark and Clare, run Bee Original Woodshop- using reclaimed wood and computer aided design to create bespoke items for the home and garden.

Passionate about the environment, all of their tools are charged using Solar & Wind power. You can shop their full product range through