Wild 'n' Bee: Artisan Hamper of Chutneys, Preserves etc.

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This specially made artisan gift is brought to you by Wild 'n' Bee. 

Each hand-made product incorporates a foraged ingredient, which has been ethically & sustainably collected from the wild.

This beautiful Christmas hamper contains a lucky dip mix of flavours of the following:

- 1 Jar of Chutney

- 1 Jar of Jelly Jelly

- 1 Jar of Preserve

- 1 Bottle of Vinegar

- 1 Jar Marmalade

All items are unique, small batch and vegetarian friendly. Both sweet and savoury items have been lovingly crafted to turn day-to-day food into a special occasion.

Wild 'n' Bee is a Formby based company offering a wide range of 'Wild' products, together with a range of goodies from their own bee hives. They carry a 5 star food hygiene rating, and normally sell through craft fairs etc.
 For more things 'wild and bee-utiful' you can contact them through wildnbee@gmail.com