1. How can I contact you?

We are very responsive via email ( Our offices are wholesale only so please do not call. We will give you a mobile number to call on the day of the event.

2. When can I visit your site to collect my order?

Collection is available strictly during your pre-defined time slot- so at the date and time you selected when you placed your order. NO VISITORS WILL BE PERMITTED ON TO SITE AT ANY OTHER TIME, AND ONLY ONE CAR WILL BE ALLOWED ON TO SITE PER CUSTOMER. Anybody visiting site within a collection slot will be given a protocol to follow.

Collection will be by means of a carefully managed drive thru, to comply with social distancing regulations.

3. Are you still offering local delivery?

For this one off Christmas event, our products will be available for COLLECTION ONLY, from our Southport Old Road site. Collection is only available during your pre-booked time slot, which must be added to your basket before you complete your purchase. 

4. The available time-slots aren't convenient for me, will you be releasing any more time slots?

Depending on the popularity of our Christmas Drive-Thru, and the availability of the products, we may add more times and possibly an extra day.

5. Are you ever open to the public for browsing/ as a shop?

No, unfortunately we are unable to accept visits from members of the public to our nursery. Only customers with confirmed time slots will be allowed on to site, and this will be as part of a carefully managed drive thru collection protocol.


6. Are Happy Plants profiting from any of the 3rd party items sold through the Christmas Drive Thru?

No, the vendor will receive as much of the money as possible from each item sold. Adjustments have had to be made to account for VAT, shopify fees and our staffing costs on the day, but these have been kept to an absolute bare minimum.

PLEASE NOTE: None of our discount codes (including member discounts) will work against any 3rd party product. This is to allow us to offer the highest possible return to our vendors, to best help their business

7. How did you select the vendors for the event?

We put out an anonymous facebook post for vendors to apply to take part. We set a criteria and specifically appealed for businesses who would normally rely on Christmas Fairs etc for their income- we hope to be able to mitigate Covid-19's damage for these businesses.

Unfortunately we received more responses than we were able to accommodate, so we worked on creating as varied but refined a range as possible- hopefully there's something for everyone.

8. What was the criteria for businesses to take part?

➡️ Products must be produced in the North West

➡️ Products must have a minimum shelf life of 28 days -

➡️ Products must not contain alcohol

➡️ Products must not be personalised

➡️ Products must be able to be sold under a generic description. I.e. nothing where a size choice is required, and any colour/flavour choices would need to be on a ‘lucky dip’ basis -

➡️ Any appropriate licencing/hygiene certificates must be held.

9. Will you be accepting listings from any additional business/adding any further products?

At the moment, no BUT please send us an email to anyway if you have any suggestions.

10. Is this sort of event something you're likely to do again?

For the time being, this event is a one off to help local residents have safe access to Christmas gifts during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The event will also help local businesses to mitigate lost turnover from cancelled Christmas fairs etc.

We sincerely hope that the virus situation is resolved in time for a similar event not to be needed in the future.


Thank you :)