1. What is your contact phone number


We are very responsive via email (orders@happyplants.co.uk). Our offices are on an absolute skeleton staff, trying to find a way for our wholesale nursery to continue running through these terrible times. I am running the webshop from home at the moment, so they probably won't know the answer anyway.

2. Can you deliver to me?

We are delivering to the following places: Crosby, Hightown, Formby, Ainsdale, Birkdale, Southport

If you're vaguely local, but not in those exact areas, and a group of your neighbours want to order at the same time OR you want to order £75+ worth, please drop me an email.

3. What is your minimum order for delivery?

Minimum order is £25

4. When will your shop be open for orders again?

With the volatility of the current situation, we cannot always say when the online shop will go live again, or for how long.

 At the moment, we are taking orders Monday NOON-Wednesday 8PM, for delivery before the weekend, then Thursday NOON- Sunday 8PM for delivery before the following Wednesday. In both cases, we may need to close orders early if demand exceeds capacity, so please order as early as possible.

In common with other nurseries who are doing deliveries, the demand is unprecedented, and we just don't have the delivery resources to handle any more individual orders. We are used to dispatching full wagon loads at a time of each product, so it's all a learning curve! 


5. When will my order be delivered?

If you ordered in the Thursday-Sunday window, it'll arrive before the end of Wednesday. If you ordered in the Monday-Wednesday window, it'll arrive before the end of Friday. We do not give delivery dates/times - it is not possible. If your delivery has not arrived within six days of purchase, please get in touch via orders@happyplants.co.uk

6. Do you sell compost/shrubs/perennials etc?

No, we only sell bedding plants. We are running this webshop to clear some of the cancelled garden centre orders of bedding plants, so that's all we have. If you visit our friends J&A Japonicas on facebook, they have compost and shrubs and perennials.

7. Do you have a price list?

Whenever the shop is open, our full list of available products and prices will be included in the shop. You can either look at each season separately, or you can look at All Items together. 

8. Why aren't there any products showing?

We close our webshop two mornings per week so that we can process all of the orders and update the stock. If there are no products showing, check back after noon and they should re-appear.


Sadly, we accept that however hard we try it will be impossible to please everyone. The void created by the closure of Garden Centres is massive one to fill, we will do our best